About Us

Established in 2017, yakkaspace emerged as the vantage point of me and my friend. A point that made us realise that we weren't just sharing lunches back in our school days. Our intent towards entrepreneurship has influenced the growth of the organisation, starting from a notebook to occupying a niche in this huge market.

"It is high time businesses should prefer going online with a viable business on the line.", quoted a prominent businessman. Cutting to the chase, we would like to project ourselves as an organization with unique methodologies, taking up each TASK way too seriously.

Our Vision

How does it feel to help your fellow businessmen and thrive in a robust and healthy business environment? Well, we're on the pursuit for answering it and ensure to stand apart!

Our Clients

Our Team

A Sandeep Azhagan


S S Balaji

Graphic Designer

M Niranjan

Product Designer

V Dhanaraj

Web Developer

S M Iniya vasanthan

Graphic Designer

M Sudarsan

Graphic Designer

A Sivasaran

Product Photographer

S Sriram

Product Photographer

A Naveen Kirun

Motion Graphics Designer

B Debesh

Digital Artist

S Mohamed Gulam Razool

App Developer

M Harish Ahamed

Network Administrator

S Arvindan

Content Writer

D Muruganantham

Marketing Executive

P Jembukeeshwaran

Marketing Executive

S Saminathan

Marketing Executive