If you don’t have a proper digitized networking module for your business, you don’t communicate properly. If you don’t communicate properly, that’s how the collapse begins.

“The opposite of networking is not working. ”

Network Design & Installation

Setting up a network pattern for an entity is an art which we have mastered. We design, build, operate and maintain your network connectivity module with the most sophisticated networking equipment.

Server & Storage Installation

yakkaspace provides you with the most suitable server hosting options for your websites and deliver you with efficient storage facilities. We provide solutions on




EPABX Solution

Equip your office with our EPABX (ELECTRONIC PRIVATE AUTOMATIC BRANCH EXCHANGE) systems that provide the best in town intercom facilities. We also provide ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS (AMC) and REGULAR MAINTENANCE to the mentioned networking services. Computer services are also undertaken.

CCTV Survilance

With the increased level of threats, it is an essential requirement to ensure the safety of our properties. We provide the security surveillance solutions to secure your property 24/7.